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Keeping you Cool with our HVAC Services at Car Smart Auto Service!

Heating & Air Conditioning

Your car’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning system provides clean air and the right temperature and humidity level to keep your car interior comfortable in any season.

Car Smart Auto Service can service your vehicle’s air conditioning system to keep you cool during hot summer days and warm in those chilly winter months.

Proper heating and cooling performance are critical for interior comfort and for defrosting. This is one element that can impact safety if not functioning properly.

Regular maintenance of these components including the air filter can also have a big impact on the air quality within your vehicle.

What’s involved at Car Smart Auto Service when servicing your vehicle’s heating, ventilating and air conditioning system;

  • A thorough inspection of your car’s HVAC system should be performed annually as part of regular maintenance of your vehicle.
  • A certified service technician checks pressures to test operation, refrigerant charge, and the outlet temperatures.
  • If the system is found to be low on refrigerant, a leak test is performed to find the source. A technician may also check for evidence of refrigerant cross-contamination, which is the mixing of refrigerants.
  • A/C service should also include a check of the compressor’s drive belt and tension.

Most people don’t give their vehicle’s air conditioning a second thought, until it breaks down during the hottest months of the summer. AC systems have gotten more and more complex; the units undergo heavy usage during the summer heat, and they are equipped with plenty of hoses to dry out and crack or loosen and leak. Your AC system is basically a breakdown waiting to happen! So, before the intense heat of summer kicks in, maybe you should give your AC a little TLC.

Here’s a little AC 101;

Refrigerant used in today’s AC systems is unique in that it’s mixed with a special oil that both lubricates and cools the unit’s moving parts. However, when the refrigerant gets old, the oil evaporates, leaving moving parts unprotected and prone to wearing out.

Old refrigerant also tends to retain moisture, which leads to corrosion inside the unit which is why our technicians will ensure this is checked.

Also, common AC failure is caused by the clutch that turns the compressor on and off breaking down.  The good news is, if you ever hear strange sounds coming from the unit, or it simply stops cooling as efficiently as it once did, there’s a good chance if you catch the problem early enough you might still be able to avoid replacing the compressor.

5 Signs of faulty Air Conditioning

There are several signs your air conditioning system is not performing at its best and that it’s time to come see use Car Smart Auto Service:

  1. A lack of air freshness
  2. Grinding, squealing noises or hissing sounds (faulty compressor)
  3. Odours
  4. Excess moisture on inside of windshield
  5. Oil or refrigerant leaks (need to recharge the A/C frequently)

Lack of refrigerant is the main cause of A/C problems. In the case of refrigerant leaks, the lubricant won’t work properly, which can damage the compressor, the most expensive part of the system.

Why is it necessary to check your vehicles HVAC system?

Health Check- Did you know that a dirty cabin filter can impact your health when you drive in your vehicle?

Just like your home’s furnace filter, it is essential to replace your vehicle’s cabin air filter every 10,000 – 15,000 miles.

Containments, such as pollen, dust, mold spores and smog can easily enter a vehicle’s passenger compartment. By having a clean cabin air filter, you help provide all passengers in the vehicle with a healthier breathing environment.

Cabin air filters clean the incoming air and remove allergens – especially beneficial to people who suffer from allergies.

At the first sign of trouble, come talk to us at Car Smart Auto Service.  Our certified technicians can diagnose the issues quickly and may even save you a major repair down the road.

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