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Body Lift Kits in Sumner, WA

Body Lift Kit

Whether you like to take your vehicle on the occasional off road excursion or you find yourself mudding every weekend, you might benefit from having a lift kit installed on your vehicle. At Car Smart Auto Service in Sumner, Washington we have all of the skills and parts needed to install a lift kit on your vehicle.

Lift kits are available for all makes of vehicles including trucks, SUV’s and cars; however, you’re most likely to find them installed on the first two types of vehicles and they are especially popular in the Jeep community.

What is a Lift Kit?

You might have heard the word lift kit before, but what is it actually? The answer to this question is in the name. A lift kit is a set of after-market parts that are used to lift a vehicle further off the ground than when it was assembled by the manufacturer. The kits we use are made by reliable manufacturers and they are designed to the exact specifications of your vehicle to ensure a great look and proper safety while driving.

Body Lift Kits vs. Suspension Lift Kits

There are two main types of lift kits that are typically used to raise your vehicle; body kits and suspension kits. These performance accessories target different areas of your vehicle and while both give the vehicle a little extra height, the technical result is much different.

Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits are common and simple type of lift kit. Today, most vehicles are constructed as a metal frame with that the cabin of the vehicle or body of the vehicle is attached to – this type of design is known as body over frame.

When using a body kit, our trained technicians remove the body of the vehicle and install lift blocks or spacers. The body is then reattached to the frame with bolts that are long enough to ensure it is fully secured. These lift blocks act a way to prop the body up leaving more space between the frame and the cabin of the vehicle.

This option is a less expensive way to create space for a larger set of wheels and/or tires on a truck or SUV. This type of kit usually appeals to the off road community looking to add a set of all terrain tires and bigger wheels to their vehicle which helps on rough landscape.

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension kits extend the suspension of the vehicle so the vehicle is lifted higher from the axel. A suspension kit is installed differently from vehicle to vehicle because the suspension and mechanical systems of each vehicle are designed differently. Some vehicles like newer Jeeps and SUVs have coil springs, whereas most pickup trucks still use leaf springs in the rear suspension system, the suspension lift kit must be configured to support this, differences in control arms, and many other mechanical differences.

While this option is more complicated than a body kit; however, it can add significantly more height to a vehicle. Like a body kit, using a suspension lift kit allows room for larger wheels and tires; however, it also allows for a larger ground clearance meaning you can take your vehicle on rocky terrain and other off road endeavors without worrying about damaging the under carriage of your vehicle.

Local Regulations

There is no doubt that adding a little extra height to your ride can make day to day driving more fun and improve visibility on off road adventures; however, it is important to follow your local regulations when it comes to lifted vehicles. Every state has its own rules and regulations and they can differ quite a bit.

In Washington the following rules apply:

  • Cars and SUVs can have a maximum bumper height of 22 inches
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight under 4,501 can have a maximum bumper height of 24 inches in the front and 26 inches in the rear
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight between 4,501 and 7,500 can have a maximum bumper height of 27 inches in the front and 29 inches in the rear
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 7,501 and over can have a maximum bumper height of 28 inches in the front and 30 inches in the rear

Please investigate your state regulations before installing any lift kit to ensure you are in compliance. As the owner of a newly lifted truck it is up to you to stay up to date with your area’s laws.

Lift Kits at Car Smart

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