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Custom Exhaust Systems in Sumner, WA

Custom Exhaust

If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle with a custom aftermarket exhaust system look no further than Car Smart Auto Service in Sumner, Washington. Our trained technicians put their skills to work to install the right exhaust kit for your vehicle and your taste.

Aftermarket exhaust systems will differ quite a bit from the exhaust system that your vehicle rolled off of the lot with. They appeal to many different people for a variety of reasons; someone might be searching for a sleek stainless steel system to suit their ride, while others may be looking for the benefits of better fuel economy, someone else might be looking for a little extra noise when they rev their engine.

The Importance of a Good Exhaust System

Having a good exhaust system allows you to increase the performance of your vehicle. While the OEM option your vehicle comes with will never harm your car, truck, or SUV, upgrading to a custom performance exhaust system gives you the opportunity to change the diameter of your pipes and provides pipes with bends that will provide better airflow and thus better performance.

When consulting with a trained technician at our shop we can help you determine an ideal setup that meets the goals you have for your vehicle. We can help find the best parts to keep your vehicle in the best condition with the aim to extend the lifetime of your car.

Types of Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

There are 3 main times of aftermarket exhaust systems that can be installed on your vehicle. They can be vehicle dependent and this means that only one could be available for your vehicle make/model. The types of exhaust systems include:

Axle back exhaust systems: The axle back exhaust replaces your exhaust system from the rear axle to the muffler. This aftermarket system typically includes the muffler, tailpipe and tips. This type of exhaust system is good for modifying the sound that your vehicle produces, by providing a more aggressive tone. The Axle back system is also quite easy to install and has a lower cost than some of the more involved options.

Cat back exhaust systems: The cat back exhaust system includes all OEM exhaust components that your vehicle’s exhaust gases travel through once it has exited the catalytic converter. Those components include everything that the axle back system replaces and also includes the mid-pipe. The cat back exhaust system can increase the performance of your vehicle’s exhaust by providing pipes that are wider in diameter and mufflers that have better flow. This type of system can also reduce the weight of your vehicle.

Head back exhaust systems: The head back exhaust system completely replaces the OEM exhaust parts that your vehicle once had. This is typically a highly involved modification and is tougher to install than the above to options; however, it can increase power in your car or truck.

Exhaust Systems at Car Smart

Are you looking to install a new exhaust system on your vehicle but are unsure where to start? Maybe you know what system you’re interested in but are looking for someone to do the work? Call us for more information or book an appointment today!

The team at Car Smart Auto Service Service is happy to work with you on any automotive services you may need! We are proud to serve Sumner, WA and surrounding areas such as North Puyallup, Alderton, Puyallup, Fife, Edgewood, Milton, South Hill and more.