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Fuel System Service in Sumner, WA

Fuel System Service

If you are in Sumner, WA, and looking for a trained mechanic shop to handle your fuel system service, look no further. At Car Smart Auto Service, we are ready to handle allyour fuel injector cleaning and fuel system service. Don’t hesitate to reach out by giving us a call or schedule an appointment on our website.

“Is there somewhere I can get my fuel system serviced in Sumner, WA?”

Of coursethere is! No need to look any further. When it comes to the servicing of your fuel system and the cleaning of your fuel injectors, you can count on the expertise and training of our mechanics. Give us a call or make an appointment through our website if you are in the Sumner area and your vehicle requires maintenance.

“Why should I get my fuel system serviced?”

A fuel system cleaning service can be very beneficial for your car, even if it is not required as frequently as an oil change or tire rotation. Sediments can accumulate in the gas tank, fuel lines, fuel pump, and fuel injection system over time. The fuel filter can become clogged or worn out to the point of ineffectiveness. These factors will degrade the engine’s performance and eventually cause significant issues.  Periodic fuel system maintenance is encouraged.

“Why should I get my fuel injector cleaned?”

Keeping the fuel injectors in your car clean is crucial if you want to get the most out of it. Using this method will also benefit you in emissions inspections. When fuel injectors are dirty, it can affect acceleration, power, rough idling, and the air/fuel ratio. Increased carbon monoxide emissions are another possible outcome.

When should you have your fuel system serviced? 

According to the recommendations of the majority of auto mechanics, fuel injectors should be cleaned every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. The following is a list of warning signs that your vehicle’s fuel system needs to be cleaned:

  • You have noticed a drastic drop in your gas mileage.
  • Performance and power decrease.
  • Noticing a lack of urgency when accelerating.
  • Sounds just before an explosion.
  • Starting your car has become increasingly difficult.
  • Uncertainty in the throttle during acceleration.

Come Get your Fuel System Serviced & Fuel Injector Cleaned

If you are concerned that your fuel injectors or fuel system may be in need of maintenance, please give us a call at 253-735-3349 or visit our website to schedule an appointment. It is very important for the overall performance of your vehicle, fuel efficiency as well as its expected lifespan to have both of these services completed. When you don’t get these services done, it can cause your fuel injector to become clogged, which can lead to low power, which can lead to further engine problems.