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Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Sumner, WA

Auto Air Conditioning Service

Having a problem with your car’s air conditioning can make driving in the warm weather extremely uncomfortable. Your car’s AC is very important for the comfort of you and your family.  Schedule an appointment  on our website or visit us at 15532 Main Street East, Sumner, WA for all your AC repairs.

What is included in an Air Condition Repair?

When you come to Car Smart Auto for your cars AC repair, our trained and experienced mechanics do everything we can to ensure you and your family can drive in comfort. Some of the things we will do are:

  • Measure pressures to ensure proper operation, refrigerant charge, and outlet temperatures by a trained service technician.
  • When a refrigerant leak is suspected, a pressure test is conducted to locate the leak’s origin. Cross-contamination, or the mixing of refrigerants, is another issue that a technician might look for.
  • When servicing an air conditioner, it is also important to inspect the drive belt and the tension on the compressor.

How often should I get my car ac checked?

It is possible for the air conditioner in your vehicle to lose approximately five percent of its original efficiency each year if it is not regularly maintained. Don’t wait until your air conditioner begins producing warm air before getting it serviced by our factory-trained professionals; this will ensure that your air conditioner remains in top condition.

How does my car AC work?

  • The compressor is the first component in the entire system. The gaseous refrigerant is compressed or pressurized to become a liquid.
  • The condenser is equipped with a series of tubes through which the liquid refrigerant must flow through to cool down. In this section, liquid refrigerant meets outside air. The high-temperature liquid is housed within the condenser, which explains the temperature gradient between the liquid and the ambient air. Sooner or later, the heat will transfer from the liquid and into the air.
  • The next stop for the chilled fluid is the receiver drier or accumulator. When added to the refrigeration system, the desiccant absorbs moisture from the air and the refrigerant, resulting in a more efficient cooling process.
  • Already in its liquid form, the refrigerant moves into the expansion valve or orifice tube. This lowers the pressure of the fluid, which frees it for transport to the evaporator (another component of AC).
  • The evaporator is where the converted refrigerant will end up after it has done its work. The evaporator core draws air from the interior of the vehicle and channels it inside. Up to this point, the refrigerant temperature has been lower, allowing it to effectively transfer heat from the environment into cold air.
  • To keep the interior of the car comfortable, vents and fans have been installed near the front and rear seats. This procedure also removes humidity, leaving you with dry, healthy air. (The condensate is drained and collected at the same time). The AC system’s liquid refrigerant returns to its gaseous state as its temperature rises after operation.
  • This low-pressure, high-temperature gaseous refrigerant loops back around to the compressor. This is how the new cycle begins and why you’re breathing in crisp, revitalizing air.

Take Your Vehicle to Car Smart Auto in Sumner, WA, for Your Air Conditioning Repair

There is no need to look any further for a mechanic in Sumner, WA, to take care of your car’s air conditioning. Visit us at 15532 Main Street East or call us at 253-735-3349. You can always book an appointment through our website if that’s more convenient for you.