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RV Repair Services in Sumner, Washington, D.C.

RV Repair Services

The Importance of Regular RV Service and Repair

To prolong the life of a camper for many years to come, it’s very important to maintain the vehicle throughout the season. That’s where Car Smart comes in. Our team of licensed professionals understand that the task of caring for your vehicle is often dreaded by drivers, and so our services provide motor caravan owners with faster, more convenient repair of most makes and classes of motorhomes and RVs.

Why Choose Car Smart?

We’re certain that our team’s service will get you back to being a happy camper. We like to put an emphasis on annual RV inspections and regular service to catch minor issues before they become a problem. Catching smaller problems before they grow can reduce a lot of headaches, saving you money by avoiding major costly repairs. So, put your trust in us that you’ve made the right decision choosing Car Smart.

Our Services

Unlike most automotive services that focus on only cars and trucks, the team at Car Smart is highly skilled at working on a wide range of vehicles. From basic tune-ups to major overhauls, trust us that your recreational vehicle is in safe hands getting the attention it needs. Give us a call or stop by in-person to discuss our services and pricing, and allow us to surprise you with the care that you’re looking for. Our full service list includes but is not limited to:

  • Oil Changes – Removes harmful bits of debris out of your engine before they do any damage.
  • Brake Service – Identifies damaged or worn parts of the brake system.
  • Wheel Alignments – We’ll adjust the angles of the wheels on your vehicle to meet their car manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Transmission Repair – Tuning the amount of power that’s delivered from the engine to the wheels, allowing you to drive at a desired speed.
  • Steering & Suspension – Keep your vehicle on track ensuring that your wheels are adjusting correctly.
  • Electronic Diagnostics – We will inspect your battery and your vehicle’s electronic functions, including airbag deployment and the performance of lights.
  • Heating and AC Service – This will ensure that your air conditioner remains in top condition, providing the correct temperature adjustments.
  • Preventative Maintenance – Periodic inspection of vehicles to ensure there are no underlying problems that’ll keep you off of the road.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Records – When you’re looking for a problem that’s not outwardly obvious, we’ll identify and rectify it.
  • And more!

Camping season doesn’t have to be put on hold due to a problematic recreational vehicle, as we all want to get the best out of it while we can. If your motorhome or RV needs service, repair, or maintenance, please give us a call at 253-735-3349, or click here today to schedule an appointment with our team of Car Smart professionals. We’re conveniently located at 15532 Main Street East, Sumner, WA.