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Steering and Suspension Services in Sumner, WA

Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension systems in your vehicle ensures that you enjoy a safe and comfortable ride even on some of the bumpiest roads. The steering and suspension parts work together to absorb the shock of any bumps on the road and keep you moving in a straight line. Wondering if there is an issue with your either your steering system or your suspension system? Does something just not feel right while you’re driving? Stop by Car Smart Auto Service Service in Sumner Washington and our certified technicians will ensure that you’re on the road again in no time!

What Does Your Suspension System Do?

The suspension system in your vehicle is what attaches the cabin of your vehicle, otherwise known as the body, to the wheels. The system is built to absorb the shock from imperfections in the road thus ensuring a smooth ride.

The suspension components also work to keep the wheels on the ground to provide as much traction while driving as possible. When your vehicle hits a bump the energy is transferred into the vehicle through the wheels, the shock absorbers and springs then prevent the energy from transferring into the body of the vehicle. Without the suspension system this energy would travel up through the vehicle lifting it off the ground momentarily before slamming back down which would cause a rather unpleasant ride.

What Does Your Steering System Do?

The steering system is what helps to keep your vehicle on track by ensuring that the wheels are pointing where they should be while you’re turning the steering wheel. The steering system is connected to the suspension system through a series of steering components such as the control arms and steering knuckles which allow the wheels to turn while the vehicle is in motion.

The steering system must be properly maintained along with the suspension system to ensure that you are driving a safe vehicle.

When to Have Your Steering and Suspension Systems Serviced?

The best and most accurate way to know when you should service the different systems within your vehicle is to check the owner’s manual, it will provide an optimized service schedule for your exact make and model. Following this regular schedule will help to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and will catch many small issues before they require large repairs.

There are additional times when your steering and suspension systems should be serviced.

  • You notice your car pulling to one side while driving
  • You feel any vibrations in the steering wheel
  • Your car seems to be bouncing while you’re driving
  • Your steering wheel is hard to turn
  • You notice noises when turning the steering wheel
  • You’re experiencing uneven tire wear
  • You’ve recently been in an accident

If you notice any of the above steering and suspension problems it is best to bring your car in for an auto service as soon as possible. The trained technicians at Car Smart will complete an inspection of your vehicle and will diagnose any issues that they see. With your consent they will complete a repair and have you on the road in no time.

If your vehicle needs an immediate repair give us a Call or book an appointment today. We are proud to service Sumner Washington and its surrounding communities. You can trust our honest and reputable service technicians for outstanding workmanship done at competitive rates.