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Brake Repair

Every time you apply the brake pedal on your vehicle, the friction material of your braking system will incur a small amount of wear. Brakes are a normal wear item for any vehicle.  Over time wear can cause break problems.

For your brakes to function well, this system needs to be maintained and replaced on a regular schedule. At Car Smart Auto Service we can run the necessary tests to determine if your brakes need some maintenance repair or to be fully replaced.  Call today to book your brake service appointment.

Why Choose Car Smart Auto Service for your brakes?

Our Repair Service:

We identify parts that are worn or no longer meet design specifications before they damage other parts of the brake system. This helps minimize repair costs over the long term.

If your vehicle needs the brakes replaced, we at Car Smart Auto Service offer professional installation of all brakes, maximize the life of brake friction material which lets you drive with confidence all year long.

Get an inspection if you notice:

  • Braking produces noise, or any change in braking performance.
  • The brake pedal pulsates. (produces a regular throbbing sound)
  • ABS or warning light on dashboard is illuminated.
  • The emergency brake doesn’t work/engage.

Our brake services include:

  • Road test to assess system performance.
  • Complete inspection of the brake hardware, hydraulics, friction material and emergency brake (brake pads, brake shoes, brake rotors, or brake drums, brake lines and brake fluid).
  • ABS diagnostics
  • Cleaning, adjusting, and/or lubricating your front wheel brake and rear wheel brake hardware
  • A printed Brake Inspection Report

Here are some common terms to we refer to, relating to brake repairs, brake parts, brake replacements and when completing your vehicles brake inspection;

Brake Pads

Brake pads are the key tool in providing the friction your vehicle needs to come to a safe stop. However, brake pads can become ineffective if they are worn down. At Car Smart Auto Service, we can assess the status of your brake pads and replace them when necessary.


If your car brakes are making a lot of noise, chances are something is wrong. You will need service, either to replace the brake pads or replace the brakes.

Brake noise often takes the form of a high-pitched, metallic squeal. Such a noise is cause for concern because it likely means your brakes need fine-tuning.

If your brakes make a grinding noise as opposed to a squeal, you need to have them serviced immediately. Grinding is usually caused by contact between rotor disc and the caliper. Grinding can also occur when a foreign object becomes lodged somewhere in the caliper


Your vehicle’s rotors (or disc brakes) are essentially the main mechanism by which your vehicle comes to a stop. Without working rotors, your calipers and brake pads are useless, so that’s why we take the utmost care in inspecting and servicing your rotors.

Brake lines

The brake lines are what supply the brake fluid to transfer pressure to the breaks. If your brake lines don’t work, you’re in serious trouble. If you notice that your brake fluid levels are dropping, this may be an indication of wearing disc brakes. Frequent top-ups may also be a sign of a leak in your hydraulic system.

Brake Flush

If you notice your brake fluid is dirty or you’re not sure when your brake fluid was last inspected, you should consider having it checked by our Car Smart Auto Service team.  A brake flush is essential regularly to maintain proper levels of brake fluid and thus efficient, safe brakes.


A drum brake is a type of brake in which shoes press on the inner surface of the drum. As with all brakes, regular maintenance is required to ensure safety.

ABS Brakes

ABS (or anti-lock braking system) is one of the most crucial safety systems in modern vehicles. Your ABS prevents your wheels from locking up (hence the term “anti-lock”) and ceasing rotation, thus reducing skidding. It is a good idea to have your ABS inspected regularly, especially in the autumn. Once the roads become icy in winter, your anti-lock brakes could be the only thing saving you from losing control of your automobile.

Brake Calipers

The calipers are what squeeze the brake pads against a disc, creating the friction required to slow your vehicle.


Pulsation in your brakes is a sign of them not working properly. Pulsation usually occurs as result of your brakes not transferring heat and friction properly and can be dangerous. Regular pulsation is cause for a tune-up.

At Car Smart Auto Service, we can service all aspects of your brakes.  Our certified technicians will do everything to keep your vehicle in great shape. Don’t let you brakes get to the “metal-to-metal point, requiring more expensive rotor or drum replacement- get your brakes fixed—make a service appointment today!

We are a full-service shop and in addition to our servicing all your brake problems, our trained technicians can help with:

  • Heating and cooling services
  • Inspections
  • Steering & suspension service
  • Transmission repair
  • Wheel alignments
  • Hybrid vehicle maintenance & repair
  • And more!

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Our auto repair shop is the solution for your vehicle needs. Excellent workmanship is important to us, so we complete each repair with a dedication to quality. You can trust our honest and reputable mechanics for outstanding workmanship done at competitive rates.

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